Accepting the challenges in creating a gluten free household

Hello world!

Welcome to Gluten Free Now.  I love new challenges, and so this one, though somewhat daunting, is sure to also be an adventure.  I have dabbled with gluten-free baking in the past because I thought there was a good chance that Celiac was still an issue for my husband.  And because my sister is very allergic to wheat.  She has been somewhat gluten-free for many years, and I wanted her to be able to eat exactly what we ate when she came to our home.  Along the way there were others who were trying the gf diet for various reasons, and so it became useful to know how to cope with that.

I do admit, though, that my attempts for my sister would not have been good enough if she had been diagnosed as Celiac.  I didn’t know, back then, that I couldn’t use ordinary oats for my desserts.  And she graciously (may I say, even gratefully) ate what I had prepared. 

I have read a lot about Celiac Disease in preparation for this time.  I still did not have all the facts, and our recent visit to a Dietician was very useful and informative.   I knew that a gluten-free diet was often considered a diet poor in nutrients.  I think the availability of good food has changed that somewhat, but it was good to hear what one should eat to get enough starch, enough fibre, enough protien, etc. 

I hope, with this blog, to share our journey, and what we are learning along the way.  Please feel free to add your experience and wisdom here as well.


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