Accepting the challenges in creating a gluten free household

There are only six adults in our little family, but three of them have birthdays at the end of March.  That means they have to share a party.  I did purchase a cheesecake from Superstore that has no suspicious ingredients for a gluten-free diet, but I wanted to make a cake as well.  I’ve been trying a few recipes.  When I had a bag of lemons in my freezer and was craving something lemony recently, I made this one:

WARNING: If you like lemon as much as we do, do NOT make this for just two of you.  It is NOT low-fat, but it is yummy, and we wanted to eat it all!  It was still just as yummy a few days after I made it (I stored it in the fridge), but finally I sliced the remainder and threw it into the freezer where it was less of a temptation and would last longer.

I won’t post that recipe here – you just need to follow the link to the Baking Beauties site and get it there.

I was told that chocolate was in order for the birthdays, so if that one turns out as amazing, I will post the recipe here as well… or at least the link to it!

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