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Flourless Chocolate Cake

I should have taken a picture.  Except that it wasn’t the ‘look’ of the cake that was exceptional.  It was the taste.  I want to post two recipes today for the same thing.  My friend Brenda gave me her recipe for Flourless Chocolate Cake.  I know that whatever Brenda makes is good, so I pulled it out for our March birthday celebration.  The only problem with her recipe was the instructions to put it into a 10 inch pan, and put the pan in another pan with water.  My only 10 inch pan is a springform pan, and if I put that in water, I would have a very soggy cake.  So I found another similar recipe.  It wasn’t much to look at, high on the edges and sunken in the middle.  If I had thought we could finish the whole cake, I would have piled berries into the centre for a picture, and to sing Happy Birthday.  But I knew we wouldn’t finish it, and the berries could make it soggy, so I endured the laughter from my kids instead.  We had it with ice cream and berries and it was wonderful.  I could have served it in the kitchen, or, alternately, cut off the high edges and cover the cake with whipped cream or an icing.  It really didn’t need an icing, though, as it is a rich cake already.  I’m not making any health claims with this cake.  It definitely is a ‘special occasion’ cake.

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  1. Is it really “18” ounces of chocolate in the first recipe? Every other recipe calls for 4 or 6 oz of chocolate so I was wondering if this was a typo?

    • Thank you, Megan for bringing that to my attention. I went back to Brenda’s site, and realized you were correct, but the recipe is a bit different than what I had here initially. So I’ve copied her recipe verbatim, and changed it to that one. If you scroll down to the second recipe, it does have 16 oz of chocolate… maybe that’s why I don’t have it very often!!

      • Not sure where you’re seeing 18 oz of chocolate in the first recipe – or has it been corrected. I’m reading 4×1 oz. squares, so it is 4 oz total.

        For the second I used 2 large (100 g.) chocolate bars.

        With the richness, serving slices are quite small so it’s not as decadent as it sounds! Each bar is about 600 calories, so times 2=1200 calories but if you’re cutting into 12 servings… Although you have to add the calories from the remaining ingredients. It is a Special Day cake but aren’t those always a bit over-the-top?

      • I corrected it, Brenda. I thought I got that recipe from you, but it was a bit different than yours, so I fixed it.

  2. If you ever need to bake a springform pan in a water bath again, just line the inside of the springform with saran wrap (it can be left over the edges of the pan). Then fill and bake. Surprisingly the saran wrap does not melt in the oven. We did this to make flourless choc cake in the bakery for a Jewish holiday.

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