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Pesto and other things

I have been super busy with facebook, pinterest and reading blogs – ok… maybe I don’t have a good excuse for not blogging. I had in mind that this blog was for gluten free recipes that I was making, but if I have time to bake, I don’t seem to have time to blog. So this entry will be a mishmash of recipes that I have found and plan to make again…

The first one I want to share is pesto. I made a basil & pine nuts pesto a year ago, froze it in ice cube trays, and when I remembered I had it, and took one out for pasta, pizza, sandwiches, etc, I was always reminded how much I love pesto.

Today I had some kale in the fridge. I haven’t bought it before, but have seen how much everyone loves it on Pinterest. When I got it home, I realized the recipe I had planned on making was far too complicated for someone who might not even like kale. (Though I must say, I can’t think of a vegetable I don’t like…)

So I looked for something simpler. I came across a recipe for pesto made with kale. How intriguing! I had to try it. It was a winner. I did add all the basil I could find in my sad little garden. It wasn’t much – but I did get a bit of the basil flavor into the pesto.

We had another birthday celebration this week, and I was flip-flopping between chocolate and lemon for the dessert. Both are things I crave!! So I made both. We had these individual cheesecakes for the family party this week, and the chocolate bar is being saved for Sunday with my family. I will admit to sneaking a piece into my lunch each day as well. Both were very yummy, and very little work.

The lemon:

The chocolate:


Chewy Gooey Flourless Chocolate Cookies

Sometimes it works to substitute flours found in regular recipes.  Sometimes it’s just better to go flourless.  My daughter loves to make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for her dad when making a meal for us.  They’re yummy!  I think the ingredients are peanut butter, eggs, chocolate chips and sugar.  Another short list… you know I like short lists!!

But this week I craved chocolate (I say that as if it is something new… it is not!)  This recipe called to me.  It did NOT disappoint.

Short list of ingredients (6)… Crispy-chewy, soooooo good!!  You put them away in an airtight container to get them out of sight!!  The only thing I will do different next time is use a smaller scoop to make smaller cookies (and bake a shorter period of time.)  Watch them carefully – 14 minutes may be too long even for the larger cookies.  They spread very thin, and the larger cookies were more difficult to peel off the parchment without breaking.  Of course that meant more cookies for me to eat…

Here is the link to this recipe: